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Art by Wilma (BAHons, PGCE, PGCD) 

A love of art for me started at the age of 5years when I was praised for creating a tesallating pattern from my teacher at the time. Having art materials however was not something that as a family we owned so most of my work was done in the classroom, looking at still life and the person opposite for model drawings. After having a career elsewhere I have since gone back to studying in Bedford colleges and art centres. 
Today I am inspired by my family, friends and travels as well as the local landscape, creating impressionistic images and paintings I hope you will love.  
As an artist I have exhibited locally in Bedfordshire, in North Wales and New Zealand, my work now becoming much sought after throughout. 
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Victoria Johnston 

I am a textile artist from England now living on a six acre farm in New Zealand with my husband Mark leading a mostly self sufficient life raising our three boys and choosing an unschooling approach for their education. Our life journey is ever evolving much like my artwork. 
I trained in Textile design, specifically Printed Surface Pattern design at the University of Central England in Birmingham graduating with an Honours degree in 2000. I was also awarded the millennial artist of the year in 2000. I worked as a visual merchandiser and then a menswear buyer for some of the largest companies in the UK before moving into teaching art, design and textiles in various schools and colleges across Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. 
My journey with textiles has crossed many paths using and recycling wherever possible taking an interest in bonding fabrics using heat transfer techniques, dyeing, stitching and silk screen printing that are layered to create unique art pieces which you can see today in the Marston Vale Gallery. I take inspiration from imagery I sketch mostly from the natural world. 
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Stephen Richardson 

Stephen Richardson is our current visiting artist. 
Born in St Albans he uses emotion and experiences for his inspiration. 
If you would like to become a visiting artist then please contact us. 
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"Art is well known to have the properties to evoke powerful emotions, so why don't you take a look and start your emotional roller coaster journey today"! 
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